One lone goose…

This morning as I sat in the warmth of my home with my coffee and devotional preparing to start my day, I heard the sound of a goose outside my window.  My line of vision would not allow me to see it without pulling the door open.  It was freezing outside.  The thermometer said it was 7 degrees.  Brrrr    It was much too cold for me and definitely too cold for a goose.

That poor lonely goose had waited too long.  I’m sure that the unpredictable Georgia weather had lulled it into thinking that it had more time.  It ignored its instincts to fly south.  It ignored the innate barometer that God had given it….and it waited too long.

I realized that in this example from our natural world, God has given us wisdom if we look closely.  Just like the lonely goose, sometimes we wait too long too, don’t we?  We think we have more time.  The world lulls us into thinking it is okay to wait and we ignore the barometer of our heart.  Words are left unsaid….Actions are left undone…and we find ourselves alone with our regret.

I think that this is God’s way of telling me to be intentional (there’s that word again!) and listen to the heart that He has given me to see the world as He sees it ….and not to wait until it is too late.

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