Define what you love….

I feel that it important that we define what we love so that we recognize it when we see it, or we may inadvertently miss it.  Maybe you dislike an aspect of a particular thing, but if you lump it into a whole experience, you lose something wonderful in the details, and you forget to find those ever present tree stars when they are staring you in the face.  We must sift through to find those nougats that make our hearts smile.

So, as I’ve said before, every season is my favorite when I am in it.  Winter is my favorite season…..right now!  I love it!!

I love being able to go outside and fill my lungs with cold air and then see my breath, as I let it all out.  I don’t know why seeing these little clouds that come out of my mouth make me feel happy, but they…. just…. do.

I love when the trees are bare bones silhouettes against the pastel hues of the sun’s wake up call and the blaze of colors as she says good night.  We get to see their real personalities this way, and if you know me at all, you know how much I love trees! : )

I love having real fires (as opposed to the fake gas logs) in the fireplace.   I even like to walk outside and smell the fires from other people’s fireplaces and see the friendly smoke come out of chimneys throughout my neighborhood.  I love bonfires too, and never pass up an opportunity to be a party at one.  Bonfires are especially fun in the winter as you freeze one half of your body while the other is toasty warm.  It’s a sensory experience.

I love wearing woolen scarves and high top boots.  I think I was specially made to wear them.  I think I would wear a different color every single day if I could…just to make a statement of how wonderful they are. For this reason alone, I would like it to stay cold for awhile.

I love looking out the window knowing that it is really frosty outside, but feeling all warm and toasty inside.  It makes me feel thankful.  We lived in England early in our marriage and I will never forget that in those days our inside was almost as cold as outside.  I didn’t love it so much then.

I love cold weather drinks….mulled spiced cider, chai tea, hot cocoa to add to my already number one favorite coffee,  and they way they warm me up from top to bottom.

I love knowing that there is the possibility of a snow day when you wake up and your world has been transformed into something pristine and ever so quiet.  I love looking out before a single set of footprints have been made.  A snow covering makes everything look beautiful.

I really love looking at the stars on a frosty night.  The sky is way clearer when its cold out, have you noticed that? I have.  : ) I would like for a scientist to explain that to me please.

I love looking at the winter bareness with the HOPE of spring to come.  That makes me feel hopeful about lots of things and HOPE is a very good thing to keep in your back pocket.

Define what you love people and be ready to savor it.

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