The making of a bucket list…

When do you suppose that one should make a bucket list?  Even though I’ve had thoughts rattling around in my head all my life about where I want to go or what I want to do, I am just now writing it down. I am here to say that if one is living a life of intention, it should be penned when you are young.  Then it can be ever present on your horizon of striving.  For me, better late than never I suppose.

I am a list maker at heart, so I’m really not sure why I didn’t make this list sooner. I want to experience everything I’ve ever read about, with all of my senses on full alert!!  Here goes my heart’s desires in no particular ranking order:

In the Natural World, I’d like to gaze upon the shimmering Aurora Borealis from as far into the Northern hemisphere as I can get, view the clear night sky from the Australian outback and see how many stars there really are, stand next to Niagara Falls with snow falling, dive the Great Barrier Reef, experience the colorful fall leaves on a drive through New England and maybe hit a few covered bridges along the way, zip line through the Monteverde cloud forest of Costa Rica, witness the Monarch Butterfly migration in Michoacán Mexico and the Wildebeest migration from the air in the African Serengeti, watch a glacier fall gracefully into the sea on the Alaskan coast while a nearby killer whale frolics in the icy waters, behold an eruption of a volcano up close and personal with its melted marshmallow like lava flow stream, hike the Appalachian trail, walk through the fields of lavender of Provence taking in the wondrous scent,  and swim with dolphins( my perpetually smiling little animal friends) in their natural habitat.

For special events, I’d like to experience a Macy’s Day parade in New York City and watch them blow up the balloon floats in Central Park with a bagel and coffee in hand, watch the fireworks on the 4th of July from a sailboat in Boston Harbor and hear the Boston Pops playing in the background, go to an Army-Navy game and witness the patriotic pageantry of this time honored tradition, sing Auld Lang Syne with the Scottish crowds at Hogmanay on New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh, be a bystander to the Tour de France and watch the cyclers whiz by in a blur of color from a little French mountain village, attend a baseball game in Yankee Stadium and eat a hotdog and maybe some peanuts and crackerjacks too, view an inauguration of a President from the bandstands, have a behind the scenes tour of the White House and maybe spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom, be a cowboy girl on a working ranch, and be a guest at the  Academy Awards.  No biggie!

I would like to tour the Holy Land and follow the path that Jesus walked,  stand next to the Great Pyramids of Giza, pay my homage and respect to our brave veterans on the Normandy Beaches, travel ANYwhere in Italy but especially the Amalfi Coast and drink wine on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, drive the Pacific Coast highway from one end to the other, sail around the Caribbean in a 40 foot sailboat, kiss the Blarney Stone, visit that other Athens…the one in Greece, hide away in a little B & B in Maine, go to Fiji and stay in one of those on the ocean hotel rooms on stilts with glass floors, visit all 50 states on a grand road trip seeing the wacky and weird things in America, and live out my days on a farm with  a little bit of land and lots of big trees that my grandchildren will wish to climb.

I have been lucky enough to have  already accomplished some of my list even before I wrote it down.  I’ve lived in another country, took a boat out on Loch Ness and maybe, just maybe saw something there, skied in the Alps, visited the mysterious Stonehenge, took a cross country trip from Georgia to California and back a different route, attended not one, but two, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, experienced the magic of the faerie glens in the Scottish highlands, walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, ran up the steps a la’ Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia, theater trips to NYC, ate strawberries and cream at Wimbledon and experienced the CRA-zy Duke basketball fans.  But my biggest bucket list wish of all…the crowning star….the icing on the cake, the cherry on top was to be a wife and mother….and soon to be grandmother.  That one is  is being checked and rechecked!!!  Therefore, I know that my bucket is already full….I am Blessed,  the bucket list above would just overflow it a bit more.

p.s.  However…Steve, feel free to help me continue to work on my list!  🙂

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One Response to The making of a bucket list…

  1. Gwendine says:

    Love this!! I can help on a few. LOL Sitting on my deck at the right time of year, you can watch the Orcas frolicking and spy hopping! And……I have connections for a really cool White House tour during this administration if you head that direction…… keep me posted. How about a Thelma and Louise adventure? I am about as far north as you can go on the Pacific coast……..road trip!!!!


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