My Constant…

I just recently re-watched one of my most favorite episodes from LOST  (A.K.A the best TV show EVER!!)  called The Constant.   One of the main characters is mentally lost between two time periods of his life.  His brain is scrambling to make sense of what is happening to him.  In order for him to re-center himself, he must find a constant from both of these time periods of his life to serve as an anchor to his mental stability.  For him, his constant is a person, Penny, the love of his life.  After drying my eyes at the fragile sweetness of their joyful and tearful exchange, I realized that we all desperately need a constant in our lives.  The actual definition of the word uses adjectives such as faithful, steadfast, unswerving, unceasing.

I have always heard it said, and repeat it to my children, that we need to keep people in our life who knew us when we were young.  In a way, that is intentionally building in our own constant.  These are the people who knew us as we began the trajectory of our life, have stood by to witness our choices, offered encouragement or critique along the way, and are still in our life today.    These are the people who love us and hold us accountable to the best version of ourselves that we can be in whatever time period we find ourselves.

I am forever grateful to be living with my constant, my friend, my love, my husband.  I have known him since I was 14 and we’ve dated since I was 17.  For three fourths of my life, I have loved this person.  We are fortunate to have a shared reference point.  We have the shared roots of being children of the 50’s, of schools, of friends, of generational music, and memories of family members that are no longer with us.  Those life events tethered us together even before the really big ones like marriage and the birth of our sons.  I treasure that we share these things.  My constant has seen me at my absolute best and my absolute worst, and he is my anchor to help me to re-center myself when I am scrambling to make sense of it all. He gives faithful, steadfast, unswerving, unceasing balance to the seasons of my life.  I believe that God knew that I would need a constant and He found the perfect one for me.  I. am. forever. thankful!

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