the goodness of it all…

I have no words, yet here I sit, in vain, trying to capture a way to express the feelings of my heart.  It is most definitely a tree star and I feel that I must seize it and hold on tightly.  I have a new label.  I have a new name.  I am in a new club.  I have a heart that has grown exponentially.

As a child, I remember watching a scene from How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the Grinch, after stealing all the toys and food, watched the unfazed little Who’s loudly singing their joy.  In that moment he was transformed by the goodness of it all.  “And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”  I always thought that a strange thing to say because a heart couldn’t really grow, could it?

Years later, I discovered that a heart could indeed grow.  Our first born son filled our hearts to full capacity and we wondered if it was humanly possible to love more… even a drop.   At the precise moment we laid eyes on our second son, our heart grew more than three sizes and we were overwhelmed with the abundance of new love born that day. But I’m talking about our children, could it actually happen with someone else’s child?

When I looked into her adorable minikin face for the very first time, it happened.  My heart swelled and my love grew…yet again.  As I ponder this unexpected tsunami of love, I can only suppose that my life experiences have been an agent for the acceleration of this all encompassing feeling.   The balloon of my love for this precious little one has been further inflated by the still vivid memories of watching her father and uncle grow and learn, puffed up by the joys of experiencing their journey’s milestones, stretched and forged by the  fatigue, fear, and sometimes failures of parenting, infused with the knowledge that she is a part of the tapestry of all who have come before, and increased by the humble pride that we are also a part of her.

I am awed afresh by this miracle of new life.  I am flabbergasted by the millions upon zillions of things that have to happen so precisely, so perfectly, to produce this minute wonder complete with ten little fingers and toes, fresh from Heaven, that I gaze upon. Being an invested bystander to God’s magnificent creation swells this feeling to epic proportions in my soul.

A love like no other is how my friends, that are already members of this cherished club, have described it to me.  I didn’t understand it before, but I get it now.   Solomon, with his God given wisdom, told us so many millenniums ago about this treasure.

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children”  Proverbs 17:6

As if His Grace were not enough, as if my Blessings were not already overflowing, the Lord has also extended to me this crown and I will be thankful to wear it the rest of the days of my life for the sheer goodness of it all.

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3 Responses to the goodness of it all…

  1. Gwendine says:

    Beautiful!! So happy for all of you! Hugs my Friend!!


  2. Laurin says:

    Such sweet words! Emmaline is so lucky to have a Pippy like you, no doubt she will know she is so loved by you!


  3. So beautifully and eloquently expressed, Pam. Our hearts do grow to overflowing for our children and grandchildren – there is no end to love . . .
    Enjoy your sweet little one!


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