the salt and the light…

Do you ever stop to sit back and think about all the people that have filled the pages of your life? How many of them  gifted you with precious intangibles that you now carry with you?  And conversely, in how many lives do you suppose that  you have been that force?

In my quest and determination to be intentional, I do a lot of reflecting these days. Granted, I have a lot more time on my hands to cogitate.   But, should I have ever let myself be so consumed with the busyness of life that I neglected to see their contribution in the first place?   From this vantage point, I can see so many individuals that were strategically placed in the perfect space and  time to guide me, inspire me, support me, and encourage me. Some are cataloged in terms of the emotions they evoked in me and some are embedded in a particular memory that we shared together. I would like to go back to and thank them face to face for what they have given me…a faith, a passion, or a moral compass to follow. I would like to let them know how they influenced my life and changed my trajectory…for the better. In most cases, I’ve waited too long. They are no longer here to receive my gratitude and would most likely be surprised to hear it. Nevertheless, I would like them to know it just the same.  The southern girl in me positively aches to write that thank you note.

“You are the salt of the earth. ..
“You are the light of the world…
In the same way, let your light shine before others,
that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
~ Matthew 5:13-16

I have been pondering this verse. The Red Letters.  The Words of Jesus encapsulated in the Sermon on the Mount.  Salt always preserves and light always shows the way. By being the salt and the light, we may never realize the impact we have on others. One day the receivers, perchance, will see their providential encounter, but the givers may be oblivious to how they helped someone.   I know that those people in my life preserved me and showed me the way.  They were the salt…and they were the light.

It is in the reflection that helps me to realize that God is truly at work in our lives….every single minute.   There is no randomness.  It gives me further inspiration to be the salt and light for someone else, in however ways I can be.  It is this paying it forward principal and the domino effect that has the potential to change the world for good. The early Christians got this. Through their actions of love, joy, mercy, generosity, and goodness, they toppled empires by being the salt and the light.  So too can we.  So .  too . can . we.

For His Glory, not ours.

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