Green is my signature color….

I think that Green is my signature color in all of its glorious shades and hues.  It calms me down and makes me think.  It makes me feel happy inside.  It gives me a sense of peace that I can’t really begin to describe.  Even psychological research bears this out.  Being surrounded by green has a calming effect and relieves stress and has the ability to energize the body.

The world has started greening up from ground level to tree tops.  Each day that I take my daily walk/run, I can see the verdant lushness spreading. I tilt my head and ponder what it might look like on time lapsed photography. I stop to look at the different shapes of leaves and wish so much that I knew all of their names. When I was a child in elementary school, I had to make a leaf collection. I remember my diligence in trying to find as many varietals as I could. But other than a few…I don’t recall many. Perhaps I should make it my mission to do that again and try to identify my finds.

As I walk and ponder, I also realize something else.   I find that I don’t envy others for their big houses or their accumulations of stuff or wealth any more. There was a time that I most certainly did and I wanted to chase the illusive dream of trying to keep up with the Joneses…whoever they are. However, I am at peace with that, and now find that I only envy the natural beauty of what others may look out on, from those houses, with their morning coffee. But I digress….

Spring has poured her paint bucket onto the trees. Their limbs are sprouting little green pixies, vines are creeping higher, views that were once bare are now obstructed with the vegetation. I LOVE IT!   Spring has spilled her perfume on the honey suckles and the magnolias and their aromas permeate the air. Spring has scheduled her morning chorus practice and the melodies of bird song is our wake up call.  Spring has turned her thermostat up a notch and warm balmy breezes entice us us to come out and join the celebration.

Every season is my favorite when I am in it, but especially so with this one. Spring is our natural reminder of Hope. I think that is what is so comforting about this season. It reminds us that from barren landscapes comes luxuriant beauty. It reminds us that life can come from death. It is a balm to our soul.  I think that it is a message God is sending us to tell us that with Him all things are possible. This is such a powerful reminder to keep in our hearts. When relationships or prospects seem bleak, spring reminds us of our possibilities. Tree Star!!

 “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. “ ~ C. S. Lewis

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One Response to Green is my signature color….

  1. Beautiful! Spring is, indeed, the season of hope. Blessings, Pam!


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