Through the eyes of a child….

I think that is what I miss most about those wonderful parenting years that we were blessed to have experienced … seeing the world through the eyes of a child.  It was almost like having a second chance to experience our own childhood.  I  have often wondered if we are given children to nurture or so that we may learn from them.  It is certainly something to ponder.  We captured many of those happy times on film and they are carefully scrap booked for posterity, but most were captured in our hearts and stored away in that special place of love.  We have long since passed those days that will reside in my soul forever.  I absolutely can not express the gratitude for the privilege of being a parent.  I truly loved it ALL ….well, maybe not the potty training part….but most definitely the rest of it…from the moment we found out that  were expecting to watching them get married!  People warned me that it would go by fast.  I guess I didn’t really believe them, but they were right.  I would jump at the chance to do it all over again…hands down.

Not so long ago, I was inspired to create a play room in a corner of our house pulling carefully saved toys, from my sons’ childhood, out of the attic .  They had been waiting so patiently to be loved by another generation of little people.  Those of  you, who know me well, know of my Fisher-price debacle in the history of some of those toys, and the happy ending to that story. We could perhaps have our own Toy Story movie….but I digress.  Anyway, this room is balm for my heart.   When the world gets a little bit too much,  I just go in there and sit and remember little blonde heads bent in captivated concentration over their projects and, I thank God, yet again, that He allowed me to be a mother.

Through the marriage of one of my sons, we’ve delightfully stumbled upon the solar system of our in-law family.  They include Grandparents, Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Husbands, Nieces and Nephews galore into a wonderfully eclectic family unit.  We stood on the fringes and watched their loving interactions hoping to somehow be pulled into their orbit.   We would be happy to be Pluto…with or without planetary status.

Recently, my daughter-in-law unknowingly presented me with  a tree star .  She pulled us into her familial orbit and gave me a precious gift that soothed an ache of something missing…of something longed for.  She brought three precious little ones over to play and reminded me what it was it was like to see the world again that way.  This day underscored with exclamation points why I saved those toys.  The happy faces, the squeals of delight, peals of laughter, the curiosity of exploration, and siblings following siblings were priceless.  It did my heart more good than can possibly be imagined.  I am sure the toys felt it too.  : ) For a brief time, I was dipped into the magic waters of memory of a precious time that went by way too fast.  Mere thanks are not enough for this unexpected treasure, Laurin, but I offer it to you just the same.

“Through the eyes of a child, you will see the world just as it ought to be”  ~Unknown




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5 Responses to Through the eyes of a child….

  1. Laurin says:

    Truly a fun day! I feel really lucky to have such a wonderful, growing family. Excited I get to share in the sweet fun of it all!


  2. Pam, you will be reliving the magic soon with your grandchild. And, yes, I often think children teach us more than we do them. Blessings!


  3. Jennifer says:

    How fun! I love it that Laurin “shared” her nieces and nephews with you. They are precious!


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