the Couples Code…

I read an article today entitled: 8 Things Happily Married Couples Do.  I thankfully count myself in that subset, and always like to see if there is something we can assimilate into making US better.

One of the things mentioned was that happy couples have Inside Jokes. It said that if you keep each other laughing, you’ll both feel happier and closer.  I have always called that our Couples Code.  Steve and I have been together a month shy of 37 years, plus 5 years of dating, which has allowed for quite a creation of code words, and code phrases. Some are entirely made up words that have meaning only to us like the Stevens classic, “the Bamber Stare”, which by the way has found its way into the lexicon of people we know without them having a clue what it means.   Hilarious!  Others are real words with skewed analogies like “every little breeze seems to whisper Louise” which has nothing whatsoever to do with wind or Louise.  : )  We could probably author our own dictionary….it would be an US-tionary.

Each and every one of our codes encapsulates a story, which at the very least elicits a smile, and at most nudges us into uncontrollable giggles, the stomach hurting kind. I love that about us! I love that we have been together this long.  I love the familiarity with each other to be able to do that. I love that we have shared reference points. I love that we can laugh together about the good, the bad and the ugly. Each of these little codes blends us together and blurs the line between him and me. I’m sure all couples have it…but it is indeed a Tree Star to recognize it and savor it. It is one of those special ties that bind. It’s one of the many hidden Easter Eggs of marriage.

I could tell you our code …. but then I’d have to kill you.  It requires an “I do” Security Clearance. But you don’t need ours, you probably have your own , so I encourage you to schedule a Date Night with your Hunny in the very near future and laugh the night away (the stomach hurting kind) as you cipher your codes.

“The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods”.

~ Bill Cosby


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3 Responses to the Couples Code…

  1. Oh, Pam, how this touched my heart to the core! Husbands and wives share a common language, that’s for sure, and the laughter and blessings it brings cannot translate to an outside relationship. We all have our codes. We all know exactly what you mean. I propose a toast to hearty and intimate laughter, and forever love! Blessings!


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