off the grid….

I want to move off the grid…unplug… declutter…downsize…minimize…simplify … and I’m trying to figure out how to really do that. I mean REALLY.  I want to go counter culture. Instead of more, I want less. Instead of things, I want experiences. Instead of high tech, I want old school. Instead of complex, I want simple. Instead of getting more, I want to give more. What does that look like in the 21st Century without appearing to be sanctimonious …or crazy? Do you ever feel that way? Help me with your thoughts. Is this a season of crisis that I am going through, where I have this intense desire to pull away? Or, is this the reverse stage of nesting? I …just…don’t …know.

Soooooo…here I sit at my computer writing this…when I should be using paper and pencil and a good old fashioned journal right?? Ahhhhh…the dichotomy of it all.

Maybe the seeds have been inside me lying dormant for a very long time, however reading a couple of books have caused them to germinate.  Interrupted and 7- An Experimental Mutiny in Excess, both by Jen Hatmaker stopped me in my proverbial tracks and shined the spotlight on the abundance in every facet of my life. (Recommended reading, by the way) I felt convicted on so many levels, but in a good way, in a thoughtful way, and in a way that may actually initiate positive change.

If asked, Steve and I would place ourselves smack dab in the middle of the middle class in America, however, by the world’s perspective we are very rich indeed. I tend to forget that, until the window of the world is opened up and I am pushed toward a closer look. We have a shelter for our cars that is bigger than some houses for families much larger than ours has ever been. We have rooms that we don’t even use, unless people come to visit. We have extra T.V.’s that hardly ever get turned on that have more channels than stars in the sky to choose from. We have an attic full of stuff (neatly containerized) that hasn’t been used or looked at in a very long time. We have clothes that haven’t been worn in decades (and some have never been worn) and yet I am guilty of looking into my closet and saying that I have nothing to wear. We have food that sometimes gets thrown away because we don’t eat it before it spoils. Slowly, without even noticing, we have become enchained by our lifestyle until we no longer realize the bounty we take for granted.  I don’t want to be owned by my stuff anymore.  I heard a great saying, “Don’t own anything that you aren’t willing to loan to someone else” and I want to feel that way too.

I need to prioritize, re-organize,  and purge. Even though I don’t exactly know how to begin this process, I have a wonderful picture in my mind of what I would like the end result to look like.   I can see that small house where we would place only the essential items that are deemed important enough to keep. I can see a stretch of land filled with trees ready for the climbing and perfect places for grandchildren to gambol and play and build their forts and learn more about God’s world rather than ours. I can see a space for a vegetable garden so that I might have first hand knowledge of the process of sowing and reaping and apply it to all areas of my life.  (I know it would make my grandmother so very proud. )  I can see more margin to be able to say “yes” when I sense the will of my Father prodding me in another direction.  I can only hope to make up for lost time in being an honest steward of my providence.

1 Peter 4:10

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

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4 Responses to off the grid….

  1. Gingerr Wilkins says:

    Pam, what an awesome post! It made me reflect on my bounty of blessings. My life has taken quite a “reduction in stuff” over the last 3 years and very much out of my control. I sometimes long for my own home and pretty possessions, but then I think how grateful I am for all the loving and supportive family and friends that have helped me through these trying times. I would not trade one materialistic possession for that! I do feel very blessed even while scampering from day to day wondering if I will ever know that feeling of security again. I have the security of God’s love in my life and NOTHING can take that away!


    • pmstevens says:

      Yes, Ginger, we are all so blessed in unfathomable ways and some of them come in very disguised forms. You are wise to realize what you have and feel that gratitude. Hugs Friend!


  2. If you have the end result in mind, Pam, I think you are well on your way toward this worthy goal. One step at a time, my friend!
    Love and blessings!


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