burnt sienna…

The artist is back with a new palette of pigments. The canvas is changing. Greens are melting into a spectrum of scarlet, golds and burnt sienna. Burnt Sienna! I always loved that Crayola crayon shade and would use it to color a myriad of things.  I think God loves it too. He saves it for Autumn and brings it out and splashes it everywhere much to my delight. I’m sure the trees are happy with their chromatic makeovers. The lovely Ginkgo has begun her amber transformation from the top down.  Ahhhh…..I will wait patiently to see her in her full glory of color.

Ah Autumn, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!  Yes, we have approached my favorite season. But, then, every season is really my favorite. There is something lovely to be found within them all and I make it a point to look for those things. I aspire to one day see what different personas fall may display in other locales far distant from my southern roots.

I love the pumpkins everywhere I look, and can’t help myself from buying them at every turn. I am turning my house into a pumpkin patch. If I were limited to one food only, it would have to be a pumpkin. Hands down!   I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion. ~ Henry David Thoreau.   I think that Henry David and I could be kindred spirits up there on Waldon pond.

I love the cylindrical hay bales that can be seen scattered about in the open fields. They are so visually pastoral and remind me of what it may feel like to live on a farm. Some creative farmers have begun to dress them up for the coming holidays, which brings a ready smile to my face.

I love the crisp morning air with the promise of a nightly fire. How I love those fires. The flickering light, the pungent wood smoke aroma, the crackling sounds are a rare form of comfort to me.   I aspire to have an outdoor fire pit…so that I can stay toasty warm and look at the night sky at the same time….perfection!

I love the harvest moon which appears bigger and brighter, for some reason, than all of the other monthly moons. It hangs in the sky like a giant lantern allowing its lunar light to penetrate the darkness so brightly it gives the illusion of day.

I like watching the little animals hustle and bustle about in their timeless innate rituals to prepare for the coming cold. Their movements have an added touch of frenzy to them this time of year that is rather endearing and awe inspiring at their primal knowledge to do so.

I love the holidays that are celebrated in this season…the costumed younguns, and their equally masqueraded parents, that come to our door with their pleas for candy looking like a scene straight out of ET.   I love that we have the wonderful reason to gather together and share our blessings with loved ones in a celebration of thanksgiving.

And last but not least, Autumn is a Tree Star that continuously reminds me about the glorious color that can be found in our lives lying dormant and waiting to spring forth. It reminds me of the harvest we can expect through the planting and scattering of seeds.

The earth has yielded its produce; God, our God, blesses us. ~ Psalms 67:6

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2 Responses to burnt sienna…

  1. Beautiful, Pam! I love autumn, too, in all her regal splendor!
    Blessings to you!


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