In search of Stars Hollow….

Okay, so Steve and I have found ourselves re-watching television favorites of old and remembering why we loved them so much. We will pick a series and max out on episodes each night. It is lovely to immerse ourselves into someone’s world and find connections to our own. Are we pathetic or what?!

Thus far, we have worked our way through islands that can’t be found on maps with mysterious “others, lovely New England towns where everyone lives on the creek and parents are hardly ever around, the angst of our college days experienced NYU style, and now we have landed squarely in Stars Hollow. Yes, that wonderful fictional little town where the eccentricities of small town people have been exaggerated into endearing life size characters that you have no doubt could be your very best friends. It is a place with a diner that serves the best coffee (and how I LOVE good coffee) and they know what you want before you even ask. It’s a place where you literally know everyone…such comfort in that. It is a place with parades and wacky annual celebrations. It is a place where kooky neighbors come to borrow weird and random things with no questions asked.  I am a sucker for traditions and Stars Hollow is oozing with them. It is a place where you want to raise your children and hope that they put down deep roots and never want to leave.  Yes, please….I desperately want to live there.   Oh my goodness, these are SO my people!

This place must have come out of someone’s experiences. It must have at least one foot in reality. Does such a unicorn exist in 21st Century America? Is there a small town out there who boasts this quality of life? Surely there is…I want to believe that there has to be. If you can dream it, you can do it. So, any of you dreamers out there ready to found a new way of life?  If so, I can be ready at a moments notice.

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One Response to In search of Stars Hollow….

  1. I wish I knew of such a place because I’d be there right along with you . . .


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