once upon a time…..

…there was a girl and a boy. They began as acquaintances, then friends, then good friends…and then the real seed of their love was planted on his 19th birthday. As that seed began to grow, the girl decided shortly thereafter that he was the ONE for her. The boy, unfortunately or fortunately, didn’t reciprocate that feeling for many years. Love takes time to grow and mature…and that is a good thing and well worth waiting for. The boy and the girl had their ups and downs and roller coaster days of break ups and make ups. But it is all part of their story….the wonderful story of God preparing two hearts to come together….and stay together.

The girl loved him for his mischievous smile that made her think that he knew a very good secret about her. She loved him for his kindness and the respect and honor that he never failed to show her. She loved him for being her cheerleader and encouraging her to do things that she might not otherwise have attempted. She loved him for his passion and enthusiasm for what he believed. She loved his gentleness for their sons when they were tiny, and when they were all grown up. She loved that she shared roots, memories, and history with this boy who grew into a wonderful man and spiritual leader (as she always knew he would). She loved that he has always been the anchor to her crazy kite. She loves that he is her lobster and everyone knows that lobsters mate for life. The girl simply couldn’t imagine her life with anyone else.  And so…they lived thankfully ever after.

Happy Birthday to that boy, friend, confidant, husband, father, lobster and love!!!!

“Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” ~ Genesis 2:18

Thanks for letting me be your helper!  : )

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6 Responses to once upon a time…..

  1. Debra Simpkins says:

    Pam, you are truly gifted as a writer, and so blessed to be a testimony to marriage! And Steve is blessed to have you, sweet friend 🙂


  2. mimimoseley says:

    This is SO beautiful! I love love LOVE that y’all have been and still are such a FABULOUS example for so many. Your kids, your DILs and all who know you are shown the love possible for us all. Love you!


  3. So sweet, Pam! Happy Birthday to Steve! He’s one lucky guy. 🙂


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