Dear 2014…..

You’ve been a very good year.  Better than most actually and I hate to see you go now that we have become such good friends.  Do you know 2015?  If so, please put in a good word for me as I have high hopes  that we, too, may strike up a friendship.  Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold and all that jazz.

You have introduced me to so many new memories and I feel compelled to shower you with unrelenting thanks.  Meeting my granddaughter for the very first time was epic!  A new form of love grew in my heart that day and it is a feeling that I will treasure always.  Seeing my own beloved son and his sweet wife navigate the waters of parenthood is beyond measure in the cherish department.

You allowed me to see my youngest son graduate with another degree that will lead him in brand new directions of his passion.  I am so thankful to have celebrated with him and his precious wife and can’t wait to see what 2015 brings their way. I have felt so very grateful for being part of their day to day lives with you.

You allowed me some time travel as well….a rewind of sorts.  That is testament to your confidence in our relationship that you would allow me to renew my friendship with 1978 as well.  My dear husband and I found ourselves enmeshed in our past in very visceral ways in places where we began our lives together.  How fortunate to be able to revisit and rediscover our love on that distant shore.  Thank you for allowing us your time to do so.

You also paved the way for new friendships…unexpectedly delightful ones.  Some years don’t encourage it to happen, but not you 2014, you led the way.

You also helped me consecrate my citizenship through learning and paying homage to those with whom I owe my debt of freedom.  2014, I am so thankful that you were the emissary that bridged that for me and took me to a place that I might understand the sacrifice and the price paid on my behalf.

So, it is bittersweet to say goodbye my friend.  I am hopeful that another year will allow a renewal of this friendship with you from time to time, just as you did with other years.

Thanks for the memories….and I pray you were a great friend to everyone I know.

Most Sincerely,

Your friend Pam

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