“It’s so overt, it’s covert”

That is a phrase I borrowed from a movie.  I like it.  It resonates  truth on many levels. When things are there in plain view all the time… we don’t attend to them, we don’t notice them at all. They disappear. The obvious is left to go unnoticed.  We look for answers to problems and miss finding  solutions that are so overt, they’re covert.

Those words keep bumping up against my heart and my thoughts.  It is almost like that piece of driftwood that you pick up and heave into the sea only to find it back at your feet again in just a short while.  The tide keeps bringing this one back to me.  I have no alternative but to give it my full attention.  This week, I read an article about addiction and its root causes. It’s not what you think.  It appears that we have been blinded by the obvious. I met a wonderful person that forged a road to great success against the odds of a rocky beginning.  So many choose the wrong path…what makes one beat the odds to choose the right one?  I saw a video of a young man who was bullied and chose a different reaction to the way he had been treated.   These are three very different stories, but they share a common denominator…. Love.  It is the magic bullet….the most powerful tool at our disposal.  Love has the ability to turn the tides and move mountains every. single. time.   It heals and restores and opens doors to possibility.  The obvious has disappeared from our sight, and yet it resides within us at all times….it’s so overt, it’s covert.

And this was my devotion for this morning:

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.~ 1 Corinthians 13:7

Those who love realize that we are all broken and complicated and extend the grace that has been given to them to all who intersect their pathway.

Those who love never stop believing in the worth of someone and the faith that they can accomplish much.

Those who love never stop hoping. They always expect the best and encourage the potential within.

Those who love never give up.  In good times and bad, they just keep on loving.

Research is finding that it is not a chemical dependence that hooks those who suffer from a drug addiction, but rather they are lacking environments surrounded by people who love them unconditionally.  Those that had the supportive environments did not have the same battle or the same results.   The friend with a rocky beginning found himself at a fork in the road.  The path toward success was lined with people who encouraged and expected the best and always believed in him.  And that made all the difference.   The young man who was bullied  just loved back.  He faced his enemies every day with a smile,  a good morning and held the door open for them,  and it proved to be  irresistible to his peers.  No easy task for a teenager, or anyone for that matter, to love your enemies.  Three very different problems using the same solution.  How many more problems might be solved this way?  What can we do with this knowledge?

They say love is blind, but are we perhaps the ones that are blind? I believe that it is a Tree Star to notice those overtly covert solutions all around us, especially the one that includes love.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand ~ Mother Teresa


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One Response to “It’s so overt, it’s covert”

  1. Love does overcome all things! I love your concept of “overt/covert” Pam – so true! There is so much out there we take for granted when we should be noticing it more closely. Blessings!


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