old fashioned….

I like old movies…I like old houses…I like old furniture…I like old clothes….I like old values.   I guess I am….old fashioned. Maybe a kinder more trendy term for that these days is vintage, however we are still coloring with the same crayon. I know I am quite definitely middle-aged and maybe you can conveniently lump us all into that category. However, I rather think I’ve always been this way. I am a child of the 1950’s when times were different…simpler.   Though, even as a child I aspired to be from another time period. I think perhaps I have always been old fashioned.

We just saw a movie coincidentally called…Old Fashioned. It was about a boy and a girl who actually approached love from the viewpoint of honor… respect… purity. It was lovely and refreshing and was such a wonderful reminder of the innocence it used to be like to date and fall in love the old fashioned way. They still battled the temptations, but made different choices. The guiding principles of this mindset really stood in stark contrast to the norm of today. These two were called crazy by their peers, boys and girls alike, for their beliefs. I realized that it is a microcosm for our real world. If one shows the morality that was so evident of another time, are we are old fashioned, out dated…..ummm crazy? It made me melancholy for the color that has been lost in our culture of fifty shades of grey.

Is it really crazy to subscribe to noble ideas, strong faith, and a core morality?   There was an article written a while back that I still peruse on occasion. I love what it says…maybe because I’m old fashioned. It is an encouragement to dust off the values of the Greatest Generation and embrace them once again. It’s a short list really.

Take personal responsibility for your life and accept the consequences of your decisions.

Be frugal and subscribe to the motto “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Be humble by doing what is expected of you out of a sense of duty without bragging or seeking recognition.

Love loyally and take marriage vows seriously. The Greatest Generation was the last generation who believed marriage was a commitment and divorce was not an option.

Work hard and not give up and understand that good things in life must be earned by honest toil.

Embrace challenge knowing that true happiness comes from overcoming the kind of challenges that build character and refine the soul. The challenge makes the joy all the more sweet because it is tinged with the gratitude of knowing how easily it can be taken away.

Don’t make life so complicated. Enjoy it.  A wonderful quote from Downton Abbey encapsulates this sentiment, “Oh, all this endless ‘thinking.’ It’s very overrated. I blame the war. Before 1914, nobody thought about anything at all.” ~ Lady Violet Grantham

I need to review that list often, because even in my old-fashion-ness I forget. I am seduced by my surroundings and the culture in which I live. At times I forget and blame others. I forget and want to quit when things get hard. I forget and shy away from challenge. I forget and let my life get complicated with my thoughts. Even though the world, trumpeting with its advertisements, shows, movies, and lifestyles of the rich and famous, makes us try to feel outdated, just maybe those who subscribe to being old fashioned are the ones getting it right.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.” ~ Colossians 2:8

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2 Responses to old fashioned….

  1. I’m just as old-fashioned as you, Pam, and I do miss those days of innocence. Thank you for this list from the Greatest Generation, too. I need those reminders.


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