somewhere…out there….

I heard of a High School friend’s passing this week. I haven’t seen her in years…decades really…not since our high school days, in fact.  Isn’t it funny how in the excitement of graduation, we don’t realize that some of our goodbyes will be forever?  A pall of sadness has inexplicably engulfed me with this news. There were moments in our respective journeys where our paths neatly overlapped and we shared our days.   I miss knowing that she isn’t still out there somewhere right now. As Obi-Wan Kenobi said in his ethereal wisdom about a loss of life, I felt a great disturbance in the Force. In a way that describes what I am feeling, but I didn’t have to be a Jedi to sense it.

This has happened to me before upon hearing about the death of someone I knew or even hoped to know. It is a type of sadness that can’t be adequately defined. It doesn’t fit in any familiar category of grief. It’s not the same as losing someone very close. These folks are not in our everyday world, but subliminally we still know that they are there… somewhere… and there is a measure of comfort in that. It helps to know that those who share our memories are sleeping underneath the same big sky and living their life out there….somewhere.  Maybe, without us even realizing it, our hearts cling to the hope of paths crossing once again or even the remorse of missed opportunities.

Or maybe, the soul of every person that becomes part of our story lingers and entwines itself to ours and can be tangibly felt in the fabric of our existence even when we aren’t near them.  When one of those souls leaves this Earthly existence, we feel its absence.  There is a ripple in our timeline.  It is my belief that all of the souls that have connecting points with us in a significant way here in this life will be waiting for us one day in Heaven.  How wonderful will that be!

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”~ Ecclesiastes 12:7

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