Hot Cross Buns….

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns

 I learned this nursery rhyme when I was a child. As with many rhymes that are catchy, we learn to say them not really understanding what they mean. Many of the origins of nursery rhymes are thought to be associated with or reflect historical events and the meanings behind them have been long forgotten with the passage of time. This particular one originated around the period in English history dating back to the nineteenth century

I didn’t even know what a Hot Cross Bun was…until we moved to England many years ago. I joined Steve across the pond in March to begin our life together. Our flat was over an antique store and right next to a little green grocer. This nice quiet English chap had many delectables tucked away in the recesses of his tiny shop. It was so delightfully British. Amidst his various and sundry wares were Hot Cross Buns, a yummy spiced sweet bread with currants and marked with a cross on top. I was ecstatic to discover them, both for the sake of the nursery rhyme, but also because they were unbelievably delicious.

Because of our tiny kitchen, I made a daily trip to this grocer and a daily purchase of Hot Cross Buns.  An addiction of sorts was forming for Steve and me. Then one day without warning….they were gone! The first day, I thought I had just gotten there too late. The next day, I was curious enough to ask if he was out of them… again!  He looked at me rather quizzically and said….Easter’s over Miss.   Ahhhhh…..light bulb! The Cross…now it all made sense. They are traditionally eaten around Easter in the United Kingdom, and its many colonies, to celebrate the religious significance of the resurrection of Christ following his death on the cross. We still eat them every year at Easter.  At first I had to hunt for them, but now they seem to pop up everywhere.

If Hot Cross Buns were available all the time, I doubt I’d still like them so much.   They serve to remind me that good things are made even more special when we only get to experience them for a short time.   There are some things that we just don’t want to end, but if they didn’t, we would become desensitized to their goodness.  This is a reminder that God repeats for us over and over again with the seasons….both the seasons of nature and the seasons of life.   Wonderful would lose its wonder if it went on indefinitely.

Happy Easter Y’all….go eat a Hot Cross Bun!  They’ll be gone after tomorrow.               You’re welcome!

It is not good to eat too much honey ~ Proverbs 27


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5 Responses to Hot Cross Buns….

  1. Danny and I just got back from a week’s vacation in the mountains and I expressed the same sentiment to him as you did here – “There are some things that we just don’t want to end, but if they didn’t, we would become desensitized to their goodness.” So true, Pam! May your Easter be blessed!


  2. Debra Simpkins says:

    I had no idea! Thanks for sharing not only the meaning, but also the insight…you are so right!


  3. Lawrence Saul says:

    I missed this post at Easter time. I too love Hot Cross Buns and they are not the same in the US as they put all that candied fruit in it… uck! I’ll never forget the first time I had them in England… what a delight and you’re so right… with too much of a good thing we tend to take it for granted!


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