it’s a mystery……

One of my favorite movies is Shakespeare in Love. I delight in the imagination found in creating the rest of the story for young William, calling into play so many of the facts that we do know to be true about him. So many wonderful lines. So many quotable quotes. A dangling reoccurring phrase …it’s a mystery…threads throughout many scenes.

I am a mystery lover at heart. I immerse myself in them as I obsess for viable solutions. I remember that as a kid, I wanted to grow up to be Nancy Drew, after having read every single one of her books…..twice! We were kindred spirits. Somewhere along the way, sadly, that career option got put onto the shelf with other childhood dreams. However recently in a new quest to find my passions, in a rather George Costanza-esque declaration, I decided that perhaps I should become a detective and solve mysteries. Hmmmmm……ya think?

Mysteries surround us…both the human kind and the natural. There are those involving manuscripts, codes, crypts, glyphs, carvings, stones, disappearances, and many more. Just google and you will discover a universe of the unanswerable human phenomena. Indiana Jones would be in his element.  Then there are also the crazy cultural mysteries that I am beside myself in wanting to know the real answers…. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? What is the deal with O.J.? Why in the world would Katie Holmes marry Tom Cruise?  Did Adnan Syed kill his girlfriend?   Obviously those questions are NOT a mystery to some people….but still.

Nature also has its plethora of secrets that may forever remain in the vault of the unexplained. One of my personal favorites is the extraordinary murmuration of starlings, a mystical and beautiful wonder to behold. If you haven’t seen this one, be on the lookout. It happens in Georgia, in addition to other key spots on our planet. Breathtaking! Then there is the migration of the Monarchs that sits squarely on top of my bucket list to see with my very own eyes. How do they know how to do that with each successive generation never interacting with the previous? The Loch Ness monster…don’t even get me started!  Just this week, a mysterious occurrence happened in Norway.   It rained worms onto three feet deep snow packed ground.  There have been rains of snakes and frogs with logical explanations.   Scientists, however, are baffled with this one and have hypotheses, but no facts to substantiate.

Wouldn’t life be dull without them? Wouldn’t life be vanilla if we never were allowed to wonder about anything and we had the answers to everything? Understandably all mysteries are not created equal. Some are devastating, some are curious, some are awe inspiring. I think that God planned it that way. He wants us to trust Him with the hard to handle mysteries. I had a wise friend who likened that “Why did this happen?” kind of question to a handmade quilt.   The underside of the quilt has hanging threads and it is hard to depict the intended design.  It’s messy and kind of tangled.  However when you turn the quilt over and look from the top, the beauty of the pattern and colors are vibrantly evident. From our worldly view, we see the bottom of the quilt. In Heaven, we will see the beauty of the top and understand the mystery of how all things work for the good.

God also wants us to be awed by His world. It is His way of maintaining the wonder of childhood in us all. A child is mesmerized by their environment. We lose that along the way somehow, but these mysteries help us recover it in small bits and pieces if we allow ourselves to notice.  Trust and Wonder!  I know that sometimes I am desperate for answers and I just have to trust God that there are just some things that I don’t need to know….I should sit back and enjoy the wonder of it all.

Philip Henslowe:  Strangely enough, it all turns out well.                                                             Hugh Fennyman: How?                                                                                                               Philip Henslowe:  I don’t know. It’s a mystery.

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2 Responses to it’s a mystery……

  1. “Wonder” is my word for the year, Pam. I’m right there with you in being intrigued by the mysteries in life which remain just that – mysteries! Trusting in God and knowing I’ll see the right side of the quilt one day. 🙂 Blessings!


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