the hub….

I don’t think I really gave much thought to my purpose in life until relatively recently. As my labels have slowly dropped away, post-raising kids, post-teaching, and post-frenzy, I fill my free time with thoughts and ponderings to discover an answer to the age old question….what am I here for?  For most of my years, I guess I was just too busy living to think about a reason for being here on this beautiful planet we call home. I was merely reacting to what came my way. It was my P.I. (pre-intention) phase before Intention became my new mantra and I learned that the best defense is a good offense. True in the game of football, but even more important in the game of life.

We all reach this season, that I find myself embedded, sooner or later…some earlier than others. Some have a calling and act on it…some have a passion and seek it…and others just drift like seaweed until they bump up against something that feels right or will make do.  That’s been me….seaweed….until now. However, I am convinced that it is never too late to find what God created me to be.

I have been greatly inspired lately by a few of my favorite peeps in various stages of their life journeys who have landed in the perfect dead center of the hub of their wheel.  The hub is the sweet spot where life has attached all of the spokes of their experiences. Everything that they have done or learned, which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly, has directed their steps toward this center. It is a beautiful thing to see it unfold.  Their stories allow me to know with complete certainty that such an animal does, in fact, exist.  It is seeing the fingerprint of God placed squarely on their lives. There is no randomness in the way that these friends found themselves in that center space place, but rather it was a master plan of intelligent design.

In the words of Carl Jung: What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits. That is the hub of your wheel. It is that perfect balance where work has morphed into play, as gifts, talents, and experiences overlap and crystallize into brilliant focus.   I’ve always believed that God wants us to be more like little children in their innocence, wonder, and joy of their surroundings.  Being in the hub puts you there.  At that point, you know that you were meant for this.

In looking back, the pathway to that place for those friends is perfectly illuminated, but then, hindsight is always 20/20.  It was not always an easy walk that led to the sweet spot, but every spoke was  an essential path of preparation. If we think about what we know about wheels, this analogy can further help us to realize that each particular spoke was also needed to balance the circumference to turn properly.  So too that our lives would be in equilibrium.

So often, we think we have a plan…but God has a better one. So often, we think we are ready…and we need more spokes. This is borne out for me in looking at their lives and hearing their stories. It gives me Faith in my own abilities and the paths that I have traveled and those I have yet to traverse.   I know that I am getting closer; I can feel it.  I CAN NOT wait to find myself in the hub.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  ~ Ephesians 2: 10



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One Response to the hub….

  1. Finding the hub . . . You will, Pam, and believe me, it IS the perfect plan of God and the perfect place to be!
    Happy Mothers’ Day!


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