honeysuckles and magnolias….

It’s in the air….those wonderful southern botanicals that permeate the surrounding environment as the harbinger of summer. Our sense of smell is such a powerful memory maker. I love my South in every season but the aroma of honeysuckles and magnolias elicits some of my best childhood memories. It nudges open that window of time when summer is all in front of you. Maybe because of the extra tether connected to feelings of being out of school and happy to be footloose and fancy free for a few precious months has something to do with the power of these particular fragrances. Whatever the reason…I love it …I embrace it…and I remember.

I remember days of building forts, staying up past my bedtime, catching lightning bugs, going barefoot, playing hide ‘n seek in the twilight, laying on the grass and looking at stars, the constant hum of cicadas, cranking homemade ice cream, sitting on porches with rocking chairs and swings, scrumptious summer vegetables cooked by my Mama, family reunions in North Carolina, lazy wake up morning, days at the pool, swim practice with lots of my buds, waiting not so patiently for the ice cream man for my favorite tiger-striped Popsicle, spend-the-night parties, immersing myself in my favorite books, and knowing that I had a long stretch of time to just enjoy all of this!   Ahhhhhh….the joy and simplicity of childhood. Thank you honeysuckles and magnolias for pushing this memory to the surface again. Thank you God for giving me this kind of childhood to be able to remember!

I love how summer wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket ~ Kellie Elmore

Me too!

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