I dwell in possibility…

The title is a quote from Emily Dickinson I found during my devotional time this morning. My eyes arrested on those words. My mind wrapped around them in an attempt to absorb them…slowly and purposefully.  They are such hopeful words.  What a lovely Tree Star.  I was meant to find them today. For I am dwelling in in a life stage chock full of possibilities. Don’t we all though… dwell in possibility in every stage and season? We are positively ripe for the plucking, but our choices of action (or inaction) will determine if they will come to fruition.

Jesus uses the sea and fishing for many of His stories.  There must be a reason for that.  Perhaps because it is vast with possibilities and also inherent with dangers lurking.   When I start casting my net to discover why I don’t realize some or all of my possibilities, my catch is a cognitive blend of fear, lack of confidence, lethargy, and indifference to name a few.   I find that my thoughts are the gatekeeper to my choices…which keep me immobilized.  My ideas, hopes, and dreams lie scattered and smothered amongst the morass of this seaweed in the ocean of my possibility.   I have allowed myself to drift along in this current far too long. I’m not proud.  I believed the lies these words have been whispering as they floated nonchalantly by.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Possibility is opportunity.  If we can dream it, we can do it…or so I’ve been told.  I also realize that you can’t sail an anchored shipSo…I am going to toss a few words back into that sea …..confidence, energy, and enthusiasm…. and allow them seep into every crevasse as I dwell in possibility.   I am pulling up my anchor and setting sail today. I know that I will not be alone in this journey.

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” ~ Luke 18: 27

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3 Responses to I dwell in possibility…

  1. Gosh, these words really hit home!! Again thanks for the amazing expression of them.


  2. My blog tomorrow, Pam, is all about those “what-ifs” that take us prisoner and hold us back from stepping out of our comfortable boats in faith. We all have those times. Thanks for being so candid here, my friend!


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