in the white space…

Our being is often crowded out by our doing.  Artists know the value of white space.  Sometimes what isn’t there enables us to see what is.  There in the white space you will find your soul waiting for you.

~ Macrina Wiederkehr;  The Seven Sacred Pauses

I bathe myself in words.   I cup my hands and scoop them up high over my head and  slowly open my fingers  to let them drip over me.  What powerful ones that I found this morning in my devotional time….finding our soul in the white space.  That is an expedition worthy of my undertaking.

The world is moving at such a frenetic pace.  I feel out of breath just thinking about it sometimes.  When I look around, I observe that we are doing it to ourselves with our techno gadgets under the guises of convenience, multitasking, and achievement.  Our time savers become our time sucks.  We have voluntarily put ourselves on call 24 hours a day with our smart devices.  We squeeze color onto every last inch of our canvas….there is no white space left.  There is no let up to the outside knocking on our mental doors.  Exhausting!

I recently read a book called The Blue Zones.  It was about areas in our world where the longevity of people and quality of life far exceed the norm.  Fascinating!  There was a list compiled of common traits of these communities. On every list was the practice of downshifting or creating a sanctuary in time.  They were wise enough to know that many of life’s precious moments pass us by if we’re lurching blindly toward some goal.  Leaving room for our white space appears to have a life force. 

I have an insatiable craving for my quiet time these days…intentionally pulling away from the busyness that is so much a part of our daily lives and letting the silence speak and allow me to see the things I miss in the rushing of my hours.  That is what my Tree Stars are all about…..pausing to find the wonder of God’s world in the everyday.   I find that after spending the majority of my past at breakneck speed, I have a heightened desire for more and more of this silence.  It’s pull is irresistible and I am thankful, but I must not allow it to pull me too far out of balance in my attempt to make up for the deficit of a lifetime of irretrievable pauses. Like trying to recapture missed sleep, it is an ambitious endeavor I am not convinced that we are ever able to do.  However, I am committed to preserve my white space and like the artist, allow what isn’t there to show me what is.

“Be still, and know that I am God” ~ Psalm 46: 10

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2 Responses to in the white space…

  1. Oh, how I treasure and value my white space these days, too, Pam! I truly think if all of us would carve just a bit of such time out of every day, the world would be a better place and our lives would be lived in true fulfillment.


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