I am a study….

I continue to learn about myself as I wander along my path.  I find that I am quite fascinated by this particular subject.  After all, I have been majoring in ME for more than half a century!  : )

Among the many facets to my self, I discovered that I am a study in philes….I am a confirmed dendrophile (lover of trees), a most decidedly bibliophile (lover of books), a for sure anglophile (lover of all things British), a kid-in-me chionophile (lover of snow), a sappy mnemophile (lover of memories) and an addicted coffeephile ( lover of coffee…I made that one up. You’re welcome fellow coffeephiles!)  I love my philes, so I suppose I am also a philophile (lover of philes). : ) This is such endless fun!  I now discover that I am also a pluviophile….a (lover of rain and rainy days).  Thank D.S. for providing me with a new word with which to describe myself.

Anyway, the ushering in of fall has brought some rainy days our way…that with a little help from Hurricane Joaquin.  My pluviophilia is at full mast flapping in the stormy gales.   I love these days of grayness with the sound of dripping rain.   It is so insulating as the landscape blurs around me, and I let it enfold me like a well-worn blanket.   It is a luxuriant cocoon that causes me to want to stay inside and snuggle…with an extra cup of coffee, ensconced in a cozy covering, and a great book by my side in which to delve. Three philes at once….the Tri-phile experience is particularly amazing!!  Yes, please.

My husband finds these stay-inside-kind-of-days a total nightmare; why do I feel so differently about them?  Upon reflection, I realize that I have always loved my various cocoons and this is just another manisfestation. I loved those big cylindrical pipes on playgrounds as a kindergartner. I would hide in them and lie in the shady interiors with my body following their curve to allow my legs to be slightly higher than my head.   In elementary school, they would push our desks apart for standardized testing. I ended up with my desk in the cloak room (old school for coat closet) one time. I wanted to stay in there and begged my teacher to allow me to make it permanent. She wouldn’t. I loved the bottom bunk in college, it was like a cave. I love a good window seat any time, for it surrounds me and defines my space. I am reading a book called Quiet by Susan Cain about  introverts. I’ve learned that this personality trait drives my craving for the solitude of these swaddled spaces.  They are a catalyst for inspiration, innovation, and intention.  As a moth emerging from their cocoon is regenerated, so too am I.  Very insightful.

We are all studies though aren’t we? We are uniquely blended cocktails of our gender, birth order, love language, and intro/extro verted-ness. Add in a few philias and phobias and we’ve got an interesting world with all of the combinations and permutations.  Thanks Math for helping me to understand this concept.  Thanks Father for helping us to understand more about YOU through Your greatest creation.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” ~ Psalm 139:14

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