cat people….

This is one of those lines drawn in the sand in which you must choose a side….are you dog people or cat people?   I fully admit that I used to be a confirmed dog person. Go Canines!!! I had dogs from the time I was six until just a few years ago. Decades of dogs.  Big…medium…and small.  All black, all white and every color in between. The lives of Princess, Happy, Cheers, Seagrams, Khaki, Brandi, and Nike spanned more than  half a century.  They were family.  They filled our scrapbooks, made our Christmas card pictures, and provided us with endless humorous stories. We experienced the joy of their loyal companionship, and the sorrow of saying goodbye.

Then along came a cat!!!  Against our will, we agreed to watch Kris’ cat for a month to allow him to move across country. One month turned into 3 years.  Our choice, not his.  We fell in love with that cat named Dagny.  She seemed lonely so we I found a friend for her along the way….Sabrina.  How come no one ever told me how much fun cats can be?!!! It is seriously the best kept secret from dog people.  Cats need a PR person to protect their rep.  They are like starter pets…so easy to care for and SO interesting to watch.  I hate to admit it, but in my dog people condescension,  I actually thought cat people were weird.  Please forgive me!  Payback….now I am one!! You probably think I’m weird too….no worries…I will receive it and embrace it.  Dog people, I am living proof that there is still hope that you too can become cat people one day.

Anyhow, I am afraid that I am dangerously close to becoming CRAZY CAT LADY!!!    I think I must be sending out a vibe to all cats in the vicinity. We fostered a cat for almost 2 years and finally found it a home. Now another little straggler has found its way to our doorstep. I am guessing that there is an underground cat social media site and I am the poster child.  Feline bloggers everywhere are encouraging their kind to come to my house…..they know I am a sucker for a cute face.

It has happened again. Ahhhhhhh!   Owl has arrived. Yes, I named her. I felt sad that she didn’t have a name. Everyone deserves a name. She is a kitten that seriously looks like an owl.  How precious is that!!!  You would love her.  Sabrina, however, does not.  So again, we are looking for someone who has either lost a cat or would LOVE to give a little cat a new home.  She is friendly and cuddly and probably weighs less than 5 pounds.  A few people in the neighborhood also appear to be feeding and temporarily sheltering her. Someone is taking her to the vet this week, but she is in need of a home. It is freezing outside y’all. This is no time for a kitten to be lost and a midnight snack for the local coyotes.  I am pulling on the heartstrings of any of you cat people out there (and maybe trying to convert a few dog people).  Pull…Pull!!!

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3 Responses to cat people….

  1. I am a confirmed dog person but growing up I had the smartest cat ever and I loved her immensely. She was the only animal my parents ever allowed in the house. As you know, I grew up on a farm and my Daddy believed all animals belonged outside!! Just an idea… maybe Owl can be a pet for Matt and Laurin in their new home! JUST DON’T LET ALANA SEE HER… she loves owls and will probably want to bring her home just by looking at her face… my saving grace is that she is not a cat person either, although she and Sabrina became friends when she kept her!!!!


  2. I, too, always thought I was a dog person until Jordan came into our lives – she changed everything! She is no longer with us, and I would love to have this sweet little kitten, but hubby is against us getting any more pets. 😦 I do hope Owl will find a good home and soon!


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