Okay…so I am officially in the throes of withdrawal from Downton Abbey.  We just finished viewing the sixth season, which also happens to be its epic denouement as a series.  Yes, I confess that I am one of those Anglophile Yanks who couldn’t wait to watch it as it slowly unfolded in America, after reaching its conclusion in Britain last December.  I am rather an instant gratification personality type and had to go ahead and buy the DVD and max out.  It is an addiction of sorts…. I freely admit. However, I have a co-conspirator in crime, my dear husband, who enjoys it as much as I.  Please don’t judge.

I am positively disconsolate to say goodbye to all of the Crawleys’, Tom, Mr. Carson, Mrs. Hughes, Anna, Mr. Bates, Mr. Moseley, Mrs. Patmore, Daisy, dear Mr. Mason and the rest. Even Thomas! SIGH!   Each has become so dear to my heart and each will be sorely missed from our fireside evenings of lovely immersion into another place and time. I confess to shedding more than a few tears in the process….both happy and sad.

Isn’t it odd how our heart forms attachments to characters that are purely imaginary? I have found this to be so true for me, in literature as well as film.   I love to find myself in the midst of their story.  I am oddly haunted by the beauty of their landscapes.  It is certainly testimony to great writing and acting that we can use our imaginations to sympathize, empathize, and find ourselves a curious onlooker into the lives and loves of characters whom do not even exist. I discover that I stew over what they will do next, or wonder why they didn’t express how they felt or speculate as to how they will get themselves out of that predicament?  When I think about it, I find it to be rather eccentric to ponder where I may fit into their lives, as an upstairs or downstairs character, or if some of these figmental friends could become my kindred spirits ….when they aren’t even real?  Oh,  how I so wish they were though….real that is.   What I wouldn’t give for a  Mrs. Hughes or Mrs. Patmore in my life!!!

Even though a century behind, this treasure has much relevance and a timeless wisdom to offer its viewers.   Downton is about dealing with a society where standards are slipping and the old social order is changing, probably a truth that can be found in all generations. “We must always travel in hope”  Mr. Carson reminds us.   Yes, we must indeed, kind sir,  and a good reminder for any age.

If you have not previously succumbed to this masterpiece, well, I highly encourage you to give it a go.  It will be entertainment time well spent.  Mr. Julien Fellowes…. well done YOU!  Please keep writing!!!  Until then, I think I just may have talked myself into watching it all over again.



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3 Responses to withdrawal….

  1. How you describe “falling in love” with the characters in this series reminded me so much of how I feel about the characters in my books. They became true friends and family as I wrote their stories, and live on in my heart even now.
    My advice? Watch the series all over again! 🙂


  2. Sara Burrell says:

    We are so sad this wonderful, riveting series is coming to an end. Have saved the past two episodes to watch in the near future. Save and savor. I’ve already vowed to start watching all over again. And the perfect reason is, John didn’t jump in & become thoroughly hooked till season 3. All I can wish is for Julian Fellowes to create something even more marvelous.


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