I am not proud…

Let’s just call a spade a spade…shall we.  Hello, my name is Pam and I, my friends, am a hoarder…of EPIC proportions. I would prefer to call myself a collector of organized memories (I promise they are neatly labeled in pristine little containers), but I am afraid I have crossed over into the dark side. Maybe by admitting my weakness, I can conquer it or you, dear reader, will shame me into reforming.   WhatEVER….just HELP!!!

I feel that I will probably be using lots of exclamation points in this writing…so please don’t judge!!! I need them all!!!

I have spent all day…literally ALL day…. trying to purge one container!! Please tell me I have some soul sista’s out there who succumb to this addiction. Okay…just so you know….I have apparently saved EVERY single Christmas card, Birthday card, Anniversary card, Thank You note, Graduation announcement, Birth announcement, picture and letter that I have EVER received….in my entire life. Like EVER!   I have spent the whole day trying to get through ONE container of these items. It is seriously like amputating limbs…without anesthesia! I am talking full on visceral pain!!! WHAT IF….I need some of this sometime in the future???? (even though I haven’t looked at them since I received them decades ago)!!!   I feel like it is throwing away old friends!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Okay, I know that I am probably in desperate need of a 12-step program….ASAP!!  I am very happy with Step 1:   I admit that I am powerless over my addiction.  How can I possibly do this? And let me just say that I was starting with these containers because they are the ONLY containers that I was emotionally ready to purge. That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!!  There is an attic full of all my sons’ soccer jerseys…from the time they were five!!! And ALL the t-shirts from Peachtree Road Races, Cross Country Meets, Soccer Tournaments, Halloween costumes, linens from their childhood beds, books GA-LORE from my teaching days (but I might read them to my granddaughter one day or she may need them for a report….OR I may go back and teach a few more years!  I confess, I am a book-a-holic too! ) Okay, so maybe I also kept EVERY SINGLE toy they ever owned, but they will be wonderful Pippi’s (my grandmother name) Playhouse toys! And maybe every piece of artwork ever created by my kids (who knows a gallery may one day need to display them!!) I am also ready for anyone who wants to do a documentary about either of my boys.  Bring it!

Maybe a producer would pay me to be on a Reality TV show as a different kind of hoarder….a neat, organized, labeling one! Maybe there is a niche for this kind of psychological anomaly.

Have I made you sufficiently feel better about yourself?  I hope so!!!!  Back to my containers!!!!

“I’m beginning to realize that I’m either overly sentimental, or am a hoarder who struggles to part with things. In all honesty, I’m probably both.” ~ Fennel Hudson

Yes, Fennel, me too!!!!  ME TOO!!!

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5 Responses to I am not proud…

  1. I wouldn’t consider you a hoarder as your home is neat and tidy… to me, a hoarder is one who’s house you cannot walk through. I had an Aunt like that! I suppose I’m a hoarder by your definition. Over the years of being in the military and moving every 1-2 or 3 years cured me from hoarding too much though. I think I already recommended to you the book that Victoria mentioned by Marie Kondo. It’s really good.


  2. By the way… PLEASE throw away the birthday card you just received from me as soon as your birthday is over… you have my PERMISSION, APPROVAL, or whatever you need. Gather my heartfelt sentiments in the card and hold them close to your heart… STORE THEM THERE!!! By the way, this goes for all the other thousands of cards you’ve been holding on to… store those sentiments in your heart!!


  3. Good luck with the “purging,” Pam. I, too, am sentimental, especially when it comes to cards, but I have managed to pare down my stash over the years. Moving helps with this a LOT! Blessings!


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