the line….

Dear Mothers,

The term, the Long Gray Line, is used to describe the camaraderie and connection that exists between all West Point graduates.   The Thin Blue Line is another representing the bond shared by police officers.  Those cords are tightly bound, I have no doubt, born and forged in the heat of battle, dependence upon one other, and heroic deeds.  I totally respect and honor them.  However, Mothers are connected in a line too…a bond that goes back to the wellspring of time immemorial.  This connection is more primal, more deeply rooted inside our core.  It is forged out of a different category, a love unlike any other.  This love is birthed as a proverbial seed and grows into a towering oak with it’s roots entwined throughout our hearts to become virtually inseparable.  We see it in the animal world in the form of a fierce mother tiger whose instinct is to nurture and protect, or a mother whale whose brain stays half awake at all times to keep her baby safe and breathing, or even an animal who adopts another unlikely species to raise as her own.  We see and we recognize that same instinct in each other.  Like an umbilical cord, it tethers us to each other in explicable ways, along with all those who came before us, and those who will follow.

We may not know each other, but we know about each other through our love and our experiences and our hopes and dreams for our littles and our bigs. We share the miracle of the creation of life, whether that tiny life grew inside your womb or another, the miracle is the same.  We share our lives in the minutiae of this coveted role we have been privileged to play.  We know each other from the joys and sorrows, through the laughter and tears, exhilaration and exhaustion, health and sickness, successes and failures, good decisions and bad, confidence and worry, and in the light and darkness that we have experienced in the line of our respective duties.  It is a tie that binds. It is a connection born of hard work with no small amount of blood sweat and tears.  It, too, is a battlefield, but mostly fought against ourselves, constantly questioning if we are enough for this amazing responsibility we have been given? We are kindred spirits in this ancient ritual of life and can truly empathize with each other, heart to heart, just by the mere fact that we have been there.  We have loved there.  We have hurt there.  We have felt there.  That is why old mothers are drawn to young ones with that knowing secret smile.

We stand proudly in that line with Mary , the Mother of our SaviorJust as she treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart, so should we dear Sisters.  I am so very thankful and Blessed to be a part this ancestral line of mothers.  I raise my glass in honor of all of you!  Happy Mother’s Day!

Cheers to You….to US!

May she who gave you birth be joyful! ~ Proverbs 23:25

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4 Responses to the line….

  1. Beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Pam!


  2. Beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!


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