take a kid-cation…..


I saw this poster yesterday on a friend’s FB page and LOVED it.  It is the  joy and simplicity of childhood personified, is it not?  It really got me thinking. What happens to that to us, as we grow…age…mature?  What happens to our playfulness and love of just being?  What happens to the joy of the incredibly simple things like splashing in a sprinkler or playing in the rain?  We catch wee glimpses of channeling our inner child in themed 5-K races and fun runs, a random trip to Disney World, or maybe even with the new craze of adult coloring books.  The pull might be especially great when you find yourself with a virgin snow bank and throw yourself in to make a snow angel without thinking about how old you really are.  (I get points for this one!)  As parents or teachers, we get to witness that immense curiosity and reckless abandon of children.   But even then, for the most part, we stay on the fringes, as mere observers.   We nod our heads, smile and remember.  However, we don’t dive right in like we use to do.   Am I the only one who has lost touch?

That particular question, perhaps worded in a slightly different way, is what got me started on the journey to search for my Tree Stars.  I wanted to find the infinite wonder in my world again.  But what if I now aspire to go beyond just finding or noticing the wonder, and instead act upon it?  What might that look like?  I think that summer is positively ripe for experiencing the joys of childhood.  For a start, how about playing outside, finding dandelions to make wishes, swinging, making daisy chains to wear as necklaces, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, building forts, spraying each other with the garden hose, catching lightning bugs, riding bikes for fun instead of exercise, eating Popsicles oblivious to the drips down your face, making mud pies or digging in sand boxes ?  Did you notice all those verbs?  playing, finding, swinging, making, climbing, building, spraying, catching, riding, digging.   It is all about the action. When did we quit the doing?

I hereby challenge YOU to a day of childhood!   Take a much deserved and well earned kid-cation!!  I double dog dare you!!!  Go back and find your wonder!  Find the her or him inside you that has been buried a very long time.  Find those things that made you giggle, and filled you up to your tip-top with the boundless joy of being alive.   Find those things and experiences that you did when stress was a word that you did NOT know.  I think we all need a day like this, don’t you?  I think KNOW it would be good for our collective souls.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. ~ Matthew 18:3

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4 Responses to take a kid-cation…..

  1. Love this!!! I enjoyed swinging in January when our friends came to visit with their children. At the park, I was the one on the swings more than their little girl. I always loved swinging as a child!! Alana just booked the dates for our family zip-lining adventure (one of our event Christmas presents) near Asheville, NC for 17 July!!! Can’t wait! Let’s hold each other accountable to “let the the child out” in each other!!!


  2. Splendid idea to not just get in touch with that inner child of ours, but to take action! When I was writing my novels, I spent many long hours with my inner child as the protagonist, Davy, is ten-years-old. What an amazing adventure it was to slip back into that time of childhood and be able to think and respond as a kid again. Wow! For those of us unable to actually physically do the activities you suggest, Pam, I advise to try sitting with your child-self and writing from that perspective.


  3. pmstevens says:

    Great idea Martha! : ) xoxo


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