balcony people….

That is a term I recently heard and have been pondering.  It creates such a lovely visual in the landscape of my mind.  I can see me on a stage and a special someone(s) cheering me on.   That is exactly what balcony people are….I think….those who cheer for us.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;  They have their exits and their entrances… ~ William Shakespeare.

In a performance, the people who sit in the balcony are rather singled out from the crowd by their location.  The flood lights obscure the audience in their glare, but the balcony people are clearly visible.  Their smiling faces and cheers encourage us to have our best performance.  We so desperately need them in our audience.  They are closer to the stage and it is their voices that have the capacity to drown out the negative ones.  They are the ones that embolden us to dream, to try, and to do as we hit our mark and deliver our lines.  They are the ones that pick us up and dust us off if we have accidentally gone off script or missed a cue.  They are the ones that hold us accountable with a truthful critique, but cover it with the lovely applause of grace….every….single….time.

Some people allow only their critical reviews to drive them to anger and then a better execution of their acting.  I discovered very early that I can only improve and enhance my craft with cheers from my balcony people rather than the jeers from the gallery.  It is those people, the cheering ones, that make all the difference.  I am wired to respond to the positive reinforcement.  I am blessed to have had many B.P.’s in every act of my play.  Some of these people come and go as they have other performances to attend.  I miss them…but I am oh so thankful that they were there for a few acts to cheer me on.  Their ovation still reverberates within my heart.

There is one person who remains in my balcony and I am so grateful that he has chosen to buy season tickets.  He is my husband, best friend, love of my youth, father of my children, and the one that I want to grow old with.  He has never failed to encourage and cheer me on.  He was especially made to be in the balcony for my Life’s play.   With his enthusiastic approbation, I strive to give a better performance.   I pray that he can see me in his balcony, as well,  wildly shouting Bravo and Encore!!!

I pray that you have a sold out balcony for all of your performances and that you will listen for their voices to cheer you on.  I also hope that you have your own reserved seat in another balcony, because it is just as important and wonderful as being on the stage.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up  ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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5 Responses to balcony people….

  1. This is beautiful Pam!! I hope I’m in the balcony in your life’s play! You are definitely in mine!


  2. We all need those balcony folks, don’t we? Beautiful and original imagery here, Pam. I just loved it!


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