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hello old friend…..

I’ve missed you….so much!  I am so very happy you’ve come to visit again.  That Harvest Moon told me that you were on your way.  I’ve been watching the calendar and tapping my feet, and not so patiently waiting, for … Continue reading

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the storms….

We all have them…those dark thunder clouds, coming out of nowhere, to threaten and ruin a perfectly beautiful sunny day.  They may produce either cottony gray breezes to gently make us aware of their presence OR hurricane force winds. They … Continue reading

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the harvest moon…

I love how the Native Americans gave distinctive names to the full moons that coincide with each month, as a way of keeping track of the seasons.  They had such great reverence for the cadence of nature as evidenced by … Continue reading

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i will remember…

It was a typical day….getting up… going to work …putting into motion the routine that was in place during every school year for a teacher.  Husband heading off in one direction.  The boys off in college.  And then it happened…the … Continue reading

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p.s……i love you

That’s what is inscribed in my wedding ring.  It has been there for a long time.  39 years and counting. That beautiful September day is a blur in my memory all these years later.  However, it was even a blur … Continue reading

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