the harvest moon…

I love how the Native Americans gave distinctive names to the full moons that coincide with each month, as a way of keeping track of the seasons.  They had such great reverence for the cadence of nature as evidenced by the names that were chosen. The Harvest Moon or Full Corn Moon has always been my favorite, and causes me to catch my breath at this stunning lunar display.  I love to see our Earth’s little satellite reflect the sun’s light to project an almost daylight cast to the nighttime hours. In sky lore, the Harvest Moon is the one closest to the autumnal equinox.  She is here tonight in all of her nocturnal glory!  I have seen many September moons, and yet, I still stop and gaze in childlike wonder at this magnificent prelude to my favorite season.

This moon appears to be significantly larger than all the other monthly moons and graces the evening sky with an orange glow that resides within the beautiful palate of fall hues.  How does that happen?  Do our eyes play tricks on us?  Isn’t it the same celestial body that we see every other month as a different size and color?  Well, scientifically there are answers to those questions that have to do with perigee, horizon, and atmospheric scattering of light.  I looked them up, because inquiring minds want to know.

I do believe those technical explanations, but I also smile and say, Oh, so that’s how God did it!  The atmosphere and the trajectory of orbit all are orchestrated in this beautifully timed event of creation. Isn’t it wonderfully mysterious that in ancient times before electricity, the light of this moon allowed farmers to gather their crops well into the night and was so perfectly timed to appear in the sky exactly when the plants had completed their life cycles and needed to be harvested?   Coincidence? Random cosmic evolution? I think not!  Rather, for me, it is yet another Tree Star to tuck away about the perfection of God’s plan and the wonder to be found in all of His creation.

It will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky.~ Psalm 89:37

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One Response to the harvest moon…

  1. God’s perfect plan, indeed, Pam! Blessings!


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