40 toward 40…

We were SO inspired by one of our young friends who just turned 30.  She created a wonderful list of 30 challenges to complete during her 30th year.  We are avidly cheering her on from the sidelines. Go Alana!!!  However, it also planted a seed in us to do something similar. I am a veteran list maker at heart.  Confession:  I sometimes put things on a list that I’ve already done, just so I can check them off.

This gives us a wonderful excuse opportunity to make a list together.  Instead of marching toward our goals individually, we wanted to challenge ourselves as a couple.   In September, we celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary, so we are on the road to 40!  Rather than waiting, we decided to get started and tackle our own set of challenges, affectionately monikered:  40 Toward 40!  Why not strike while the iron is hot, we say.

Here is our list.  We are publishing it because it is important when you set goals to write them down, which we had done, but this is more official.  This was underscored recently in #2.  It is harnessing the power of intentionality.  We also want to feel accountable by having others know them too.  We will continue to edit and highlight in GREEN what we accomplish.  Since we are a month into our journey, we must get busy.  We hope some of you will be inspired to make your own list .  : )  Please check back on our progress!

  1. Find a way to pay forward our Blessings in hopes that we can encourage others to do so too.
  2. Attend a workshop for improvement as a couple
  3. Dress up for Halloween
  4. Volunteer with a non-profit that serves the Athens Homeless population
  5. Go to 3 UGA events on campus that do not involve sports
  6. Enjoy an Historical Atlanta day visiting sites we missed growing up there
  7. See Rock City
  8. Visit a National Park
  9. Learn about and then visit a Civil War site
  10. Reconnect with an old friend from our college days
  11. Spend a day with a couple further down the marriage road and ask them their advice for success.
  12. Adopt a family for Christmas
  13. Take Emmaline on an adventure, assuming her parents will let us!
  14. Leave a treasure someplace for someone else to find
  15. Create a new tradition for US – it involves Christmas  : )
  16. Put our own love-lock somewhere
  17. Climb Stone Mountain
  18. Run a race for a cause
  19. Create a book of OUR Athens – photography w/stories
  20. Discover a sport we can do together
  21. Attend a live musical event: concert, musical theater, symphony etc. 
  22. Do something wild and crazy to remind us of the youth we shared : ) 
  23. Take a Road Trip
  24. Go 3 places we’ve never been as a couple 
  25. Show our support for the military/veterans in a significant way
  26. Make significant lifestyle changes that will result in greater financial margin
  27. Maintain our standing weekly date for Navigator’s Council in progress
  28. Invite a couple that we don’t know very well to dinner every month – Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. March April May June
  29. Perform (at least) one random act of kindness per week.  in progress…
  30. Walk a portion of the Appalachian Trail – 40 miles? Still negotiating distance!
  31. Ask our friend Adam to take us Fly Fishing
  32. Take a dance class together
  33. Read a Literary Classic together – we chose 1984
  34. Rent a cabin in the mountains
  35. Do something out of our comfort zone that really scares us
  36. Pray consistently together each day in progress…
  37. Learn some survival skills together:  like how to build fire
  38. Choose an evening each week that we will UN-plug completely in progress…
  39. Renew our vows
  40. Plan a 40th celebration party

#40-tude!  #Treestar



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6 Responses to 40 toward 40…

  1. alanasaul says:

    I love this! So happy for you guys!! For 19 please please please consider Gettysburg, it’s the place that cemented my love for history. Also, for 31, if you want to get out of your comfort zone you should run the Army Ten-Miler with us next year 🙂 Love you guys and so looking forward to following this adventure of yours!


  2. Laurin says:

    Y’all are so fun!!


  3. Absolutely love this list, Pam! Makes me think Danny and I should do the same. We will celebrate our 12th anniversary this coming April, so we would have a shorter list, that’s for sure, but we also have lots of time to think about it. Say hello to Steve for me! Blessings!


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