winter reflections…..

I am surrounded by the cocoon of a gray, foggy winter day with the distant wail of a train whistle.   My home is once again anemic looking in the throes of withdrawal from our colorful Christmas decorations.  Neither engender a particular uplifting of spirit and there is always a moment of bittersweet sadness hovering near the surface of my psyche that threatens to engulf me.  I want to cling tenaciously to old memories and old traditions, but so many have slipped through our fingers with the passage of days and circumstance.  Father Time marches on so swiftly and for whatever reason, I notice it more with the passing of Christmas.

However it also gives me pause for quiet reflection of the past year and the hopes and dreams for the adventures of the future.  Around me I see a lot of people hating on 2016, for many reasons I’m sure.  But.. we can choose to see what we want to see and we can choose to remember what we want to remember.  I look back at the timeline of my year, and my whole life really, and  SO…MANY…BLESSINGS can be counted and recounted.  Those are the buoys that bring me back to the surface of this confusion of emotions, and further take me floating above the waters of uncertainty.  Gratitude is the tipping point that pushes me back into the sunshine of possibilities.

We, Steve and I, have been blessed to celebrate many seasons together and I am ever thankful.  Our memories are intricately woven and tangled together like a variegated rainbow of yarn.  Extraordinary people, whom we will forever cherish, have come into and out of our lives.  We’ve tried this past year to reach out in connection and re-connection, a tradition we hope to continue.  We covet the precious time spent with our loved ones with overwhelming gratitude in the hopes that they value us enough to keep a place free in their time and hearts.  Our joy in those moments has no boundaries.  Extraordinary experiences, both simple and complex, have dotted our landscape.  There has been such delight in the discovery and exploration.

So goodbye to 2016, you are another one for the books of a life well spent.  The year of 2017 is a Tabula Rasa, a beautiful clean slate on which to make our marks with colored chalk.  I will rely on our past experiences to know that we will once again move forward boldly into the unknown to create new memories that I will lovingly look back on from this same vantage point next year.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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2 Responses to winter reflections…..

  1. Happy New Year, Pam! May God bless you and yours in 2017!


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