I keep forgetting about Milo….

I’ve always loved Greek myths and legends.  They fascinated me as a child and intrigued me as an adult in the ways the ancients explained their world.  I loved the one about Milo of Croton, a mere mortal.   Milo was an ancient Greek athlete who was renowned for his extraordinary strength.   According to legend, Milo trained by carrying a calf daily from its birth until it became a full-sized bull.   There is much wisdom and application to be learned from this incredible feat.  If you keep doing something every day, your body gets stronger and can keep doing whatever it has always done.  My Mom used to do cartwheels every year on her birthday.  I always loved that about her!  I don’t know when she stopped that tradition, but I really wish she never had.

This has great application today because I keep hurting myself because I keep forgetting about Milo .  I am very guilty of not doing something for a very long time and my mind tells me that I can still do it.  Oh, I don’t know,  hypothetically of course,  things like playing kickball, or balancing on chairs, or jumping on trampolines.  Then my body screams in protest and just won’t let me….or alternatively…. it just breaks.  We are all guilty of that to some extent.  Those male weekend warriors, that we hear about so frequently, end up in emergency rooms more often than not.  It is a rude awakening my friends.  Big doses of humility and pain in equal measure.   This is where the aging sucks adage can be deftly applied.  But you know, maybe if we listened to Milo, our odds would be better.

So this is a word to the wise and the young…. don’t forget about Milo….KEEP DOING what you love to do ….do it every single day…just like lifting that calf…so that you may continue doing it well into your old age.  You can’t stop.  You can’t let up.  You must DO.  Use it or lose it!  Trust me on this one People!!!

We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising ~ Kenneth Cooper


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2 Responses to I keep forgetting about Milo….

  1. Amen to that, Pam! It is such sage advice, especially as we age. If we want to take up more physical activity, we need to start slowly, stay the course, and have patience with ourselves.


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