our dove is back….

Our own tiny harbinger of spring is back nesting quietly in the eaves of our porch.  I hear her cooing softly as she dutifully sits on her newly laid eggs.  Her special guy comes periodically to check on her and watches from the safety of a nearby tree or sometimes bravely from the railing of our deck.  He keeps a wary eye on Sabrina (the cat) and me as we curiously watch from our window perch.  This has been happening every spring that we’ve been here.  It always makes me smile.  New life is being hatched and new hope along with it. The mystery of creation and the cycles of nature never cease to inspire awe within.

We had our house painted this year and they put some extra coats in that particular eave to cover the stain from previous nestings.  I didn’t think we would see her again, thinking the scent would derail her memory banks and steer her in a different direction.  Apparently the pull of her innate blueprint is much stronger than fresh paint and there she is again. I am given to wonder if it could possibly be the same bird.  In the wild, the life expectancy of a dove is about 1.5 years.  I looked it up.   If it is an offspring of our previous Momma, then this natural phenomena is even more extraordinary.  Natal homing is such a wonderful and mysterious process whereby creatures return to specific places of safety to bear their young.  Scientists hypothesize that is may be due to things like their sensing of a unique magnetic field that exists or perhaps olfactory cues.  This age old seasonal rhythm exhibited annually in sea creatures, birds, and insects may also be entirely dependent on environmental safety of the location and lack of predators. Whatever the reason, I am really glad that she feels security near us.  That makes me smile too.

Where is the Tree Star to be found within this enigma for us mammals?  For me, it is a reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I  think we have lost the sensitivity in our world of frenzy to such instinctual imprinting, although I believe is  still apart of us waiting to be awakened.  Every now and again, I still have those places and smells that can lure me back with memories of a safe harbor.  It happened to Steve just last week.  We need to attune ourselves all the more for the wonder of our natural world.  Thank you little dove for this vernal prompting.

Spring breathes new life into the world around us.





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2 Responses to our dove is back….

  1. God’s creation is full of wonders when we open our eyes to see, really see. Beautiful story, Pam!


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