back in my day….

Have I gotten so old that I actually say that?!  How sad!  How irritating that must be for younger ones to hear.  They don’t care about back in my day comments and to be honest, neither did I when I was young.  But I have learned a little due to my age…which most definitely helps me on my own path to what I think.

I have been enticed into a recent conversation about nutrition and GMO’s.  I relish the sparks firing my synapses as I assess my own convictions.  I really do love lively discourse on topics that push my boundaries of thought.  I really do.  These prove to be especially hot button topics and two distinct camps of thought.  It is very similar to militant political mindsets, I think, in that one lands squarely on either side of that line in the sand and digs in.  And just like anything, you can gather all the ammunition information to support your particular belief system.  I am not a naïve researcher.  Goodness knows YEARS of education has taught me as much.    But…….

I have watched SO many pendulum swings in my time on Planet Earth from one extreme to the other.  Things that were absolutely proclaimed to be safe were later proven absolutely lethal and/or damaging.  Smoking was endorsed by the medical community.  My own mother died  a horrible death of lung cancer from smoking.   Human growth hormones pushed on smaller humans with detrimental affects years later.  Diet fads resulting in permanent damage. The imperative NEED for meat and milk in our daily diet pushed by main stream media and governmental endorsement programs.   And goodness knows….look at our pharmaceutical industry!  If we became a healthy sea of people by fixing the problem instead of treating the symptoms, we wouldn’t need them and then they would lose those billions of dollars resulting from our ignorance.  It would actually be BAD for them if we became healthy.  It is in their monetary interest to keep us a slave to their products.  How convoluted is that??  I encourage you to follow the money stream.  This is a truth in SO many areas of life.  Huge companies like the tobacco companies actually were found to have suppressed early information that would hurt their industry but help consumers.  And you can also read books like Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell to understand that outcomes do not always have the most apparent explanation.  So it IS a conundrum.

Needless to say, my observations over time have made me quite wary to jump on the band wagon of things that are pushed in our faces as the next best thing or the solution to a problem. I think simple assumptions are made on the front end of any discovery that involves humans in some way and the things that go into our bodies.  We have made  chemical/genetic/processing changes and we get a result that we like but, because the interactions within nature are so very complex , we are likely to get other unintended consequences.  There is too much that we don’t understand.  And it may take awhile to figure that out and by then it may be too late.  Did you know that honey separated from its comb loses some of its amino acids?  Avocados separated from their seed start to decompose.  Those are simplistic examples of connections we don’t really understand.  What is different about eating an orange to give our body Vitamin C than taking a pill?  What else does the orange have within its makeup to help us utilize its benefits?  We have one body.  I didn’t always take care of mine the way I should.  In my youth, I was one of those peeps that would swing with the pendulum of the newest fad.  As  my own mortality looms closer, I seek quality of life in my remaining years.   I want to encourage others to do the same at an earlier age when the benefits will be greater for a longer healthier life for them.  I concur with Dr. Kim Williams, president of American College of Cardiology,  “I don’t mind dying.   I just don’t want it to be my fault.”

And my personal conclusion to all of this is and the one that satisfies me:   the more that we can put stuff in our body closer to the way nature made it is the best possible solution.  And sadly back in the day… was easier to do that.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. ~ Hosea 4: 6

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4 Responses to back in my day….

  1. I can really identify with you here, Pam, as our generation has certainly seen some crazy swings in the health and nutrition departments. When I do hear about a new “super food” or miracle medicine, I’m immediately wary of the promises made. Fads and fashions come and go, but we can be thankful that God is our constant, no matter what!

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  2. Gail branan says:

    Can’t sleep !! Finally finished your article. Good read Pam! Food for thought . I find my new mantra being ” if I only new then what I know now !”


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